what we do


When you choose RollerAd Media, you choose an interactive, hard working and human powered outdoor media solutions company

RollerAd Media offers 3 highly engaging services to attract the attention of the public to your brand or message. Our approach to marketing triggers an emotion in your potential customers because it has an electrifying impact at first sight. We believe attraction is the first step to creating a positive brand image.

Why choose RollerAd Media?

Well, we make every step of the advertising process simple for you. We have highly skilled marketing experts that ask the right questions to make the most impact for your needs. We offer all the services needed to engage the public and get people talking about your products and services.

What are the steps to get my ad on the road?

First, choose one of our advertising packages. Give us a call or send us an email and we will ask you some questions about your business to develop a specific route or area to target. You decide on if you will provide the graphics or if we will design them for you. Lastly, we send the ads to the printer, install, put on our uniforms and hit the road. We have developed a very user friendly system that has been successful for 3 years and counting.

What type of media should I choose?

Check out the different types of media to see what would be best for you. Still unsure, call or email us to discuss or ask questions. You may want all services or just pick one. It’s all up to you, with our help of course.